About Us

Who Is Hennry's

Services LLC.


God gave us a dream about starting a company years ago and he took us through a 11 year process to get it started.


Why the Swan? 

Literally while praying one night God showed us the swan and its purpose as our companies logo. At that time we didn't understand why but what we found out was that the swan is very strong being one of the largest flying birds in the world. The swan is also very loyal being one of the only few animals to partner with his mate for a lifetime. The swan as we all know had a ugly start but grew into its beauty and grace. Like our logo at Hennry's services we are strong in our commitment to serve you with excellence. Transferring the ugly into beauty.  Give us a call today and Expect Excellence Everytime

Our Mission

Our mission at Hennry's Services LLC is to clearly demonstrate the highest level of expertise, reliability, and trust worthiness in the service industry. We are the go to company for all of your service needs. Call today, and Expect Excellence Everytime!

Our Certifications & Qualifications

We are licensed under The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer services and Bureau of licensing and enforcement JB251739.


Certifications: Certified to operate and practice Lawn and Ornamental, General Household Pest and Rodent Control, Termite and other WDO Control JF228864.