Pest control

When it comes to Pest control we are the professionals, Our years of industry experience allow us to properly identify and problem solve the pest concerns of our customers. At Hennry's Services we acknowledge our responsibility as pest control professionals always making sure we maintain the safe use of pesticides while effectively achieving long term, environmentally sound pest suppression. Give us a call today and expect excellence every time.

Commercial Control

As a leading pest control company we have the resources, knowledge and experience to solve your pest problem.

  • We provide tailored pest control solutions for business and commercial properties across your local area for single and multi-site customers.

  • Using the latest advances in proactive pest monitoring and deterrents to protect your business premises and investments.

  • Our team of qualified and experienced local pest control professionals are on hand to resolve any pest issues that your business might face.

Innovation is key to Hennry's Services; we are constantly improving our pest control techniques and solutions through testing, training and monitoring to ensure our solutions are compliant with health and safety, and provide appropriate and effective treatments for your business.

Residential Control

Tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own home?

Looking for a way to protect your loved ones from pests? Our residential pest control services focus first on returning your Florida home to the safe, comfortable environments they should be. We then work to keep them that way for good. Our exterminators at Hennry's Services are experts at getting rid of the ants, spiders, roaches, silverfish, and other pests that disrupt your home. 

Lawn, Tree, & Shrub Services

Our lawn care is customized per client to quickly satisfy our customer. We will give you a lawn that will be envied by your neighbors.


We use only the best products. Lesco is a brand proven in the industry to provide the highest quality ingredients in granular and liquid form.


Give us a call today and Expect Excellence Every time!